Patient fund

Patient fund


Patient Support Fund (PSF) was formed by the Sri Lanka College of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine in 2010 and its sole purpose is to support patients when they are unable to afford essential healthcare needs.


The objective of this guideline is to guide clinicians and other service providers on the procedure of disbursement of patient support fund.

Eligibility criteria to be a beneficiary

  • Be a citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Proven inability to afford essential healthcare for people living with HIV (PLHIV)

Fund requesting procedure

  • Funds can be requested by a consultant in the National STD/AIDS control programme for the purpose of provision of essential healthcare for PLHIV.
  • Funds can be requested for the purpose of reimbursement or direct payments.
  • Letter of request should be sent to the Secretary, Sri Lanka College of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine, Wijerama House, 06, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07.
  • Content of the letter should include:
    • Requesting officer’s details: Name, address and telephone number. /email date,
    • Title: as whether (a) reimbursement of…………. or (b) direct payment of …………..,
    • Purpose: Brief account on the purpose and the financial status of the beneficiary
    • Beneficiary’s details: Name, Clinic Number
    • Bank account details of the beneficiary: Beneficiary account name, bank name, branch name, account number
    • Endorsement of the requesting officer: Signature, date and stamp.
  • For reimbursement purposes, necessary proof documents (bills etc) should be attached with a request letter.


The council of the Sri Lanka College of Sexual Health and HIV Medicine, at its discretion, may establish the ceiling as either (a) a fixed amount, or (b) an amount that is adjusted from time to time based on the availability of funds.

As a practical guide use the upper ceiling as 5000 LKR per year.

Modes of payment to the beneficiary

  1. By cheque in favour to the beneficiary’s name or deposition of the cheque to the beneficiary’s account.
  2. Direct cash payment using a voucher specified by the college.